The Love Mastery Sisterhood 
For The High Functioning,
Recovering Co-dependant Woman  
Who Desires The Keys To The Kingdom of
Optimally Functioning Partnership

Nothing is worse than spending a good deal of your prime relational life repeating the same relational habits over and over and not achieving the result you want. 

It’s no secret we all want to love and be loved. 

I am a big supporter of people having the love they want in the container of healthy partnership. But for so many, the HOW of generating a healthy partnership remains elusive. We can’t seem to figure it out no matter how many times we try. 

It can feel exhausting and disheartening to invest your heart into a relationship that ends up going nowhere. To over-give time and time again and not be met. To over-function in the hopes that you're partner will one day someday step up and be a teammate- but they never do. Or to keep putting yourself out there again and again only to attract the same type of person who is in some way shape or form unavailable or misaligned. 

This is the relationship mastery class we all need but didn't receive. In this container we build up the necessary relational skills, unearth and witness the unconscious pieces holding us back, heal the wounded parts of us that tempt us into over-functioning territory and anchor in a new relationship to self rooted in self-respect, self-worth and true self-honouring. 

The essentials for a fulfilled life and a truly healthy love life- however that looks for you. 

FALL 2019
 Nov 13th, Call Time 12pm PST
*Applications currently open for this class*

*Call Time + Date TBD, applications not currently being accepted for this class*
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Experiencing the Same Relationship challenges over and over...
YES? Yes! 
Maybe you're single and you keep attracting the same "person" over and over in every new relationship, which is incredibly frustrating, and perhaps you've sworn off dating to avoid getting hurt again. 

Or maybe you're in a relationship and you feel stuck, you might be wondering is this all there is? Shouldn't it feel different than this? If it's right why does it feel so blah, off or challenging? Or maybe you're straight up in a dysfunctional relationship that has you and your partner gridlocked and not knowing where to go to change. 

Either way

Experiencing the same challenges over and over will have you thinking there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Like you're cursed when it comes to love, when in fact, you're not cursed at all.

What's actually happening is your UNCONSCIOUS love and relationship blueprint is programmed with beliefs and ideas that are working against your conscious desire for partnership paired. This program includes all our unhealed emotional wounds (father/mother wounds) unhealthy emotional attachments (co-dependency) and not having a full grasp on how to work with our attachment system in an effective and self-approving capacity. 

The very good news is that understanding and re-programming your love and relationship template is very do-able.

With the right support, the essential relational education, and the healing frameworks to work with the pieces of your past that have historically kept you stuck replaying old painful patterns, we gently and gradually transform the program and re-write a new, empowered one. 
Re-write Your 
Love Blueprint
Stock the relational tool box 
Expand your emotional literacy
Integrate your relational healing
  • Uncovering current belief systems that are impacting the results you are getting in life and love. This includes deprogramming the subconscious mind of these disempowering patterns and reprogramming the subconscious with more congruent and empowering beliefs, patterns and habits.
  •  Identifying core "triggers" for you and how to override the trigger to experience more happiness and joy. Determining the preset level your subconscious mind developed regarding how much happiness, joy, fulfillment and love you are "allowed" to feel and how to increase your capacity to feel good for longer stretches of time. 
  •  Exploring your unique path and the soul lessons you are here to learn in your lifetime. Tracing the pattern of these lessons through the themes and experiences of your past relationships. Learning the core principles at play for you to tune your awareness to and how to practically apply the Universal Laws applicable to your unique journey of purpose and growth.
  •  Removing the biggest block to flow, happiness and love through an in-depth understanding and application of self-loving forgiveness.
  • Healing the underlying Father-wounds camping out in our relational blindspot that manifest in: weak boundaries or inability to say no, seeking relational partners to "mirror" familiar character qualities of Dad, co-dependency, low self-worth, uncomfortable displaying emotion, seeking approval, desire to be seen as 'strong' and never 'weak', body image issues, pedestalling father, distrust or anger, or resentment towards men.
  •  Learn the common patterns and behaviours women use in their relationships with men that tend to backfire and effective simple shifts to get on course with men.
  •  Communication with men- decoding man-speak and how to communicate in such a way where you are heard, understood and appreciated more often.
  •  Understanding men + their behaviour- diving into the fundamental differences between men and women and shining light into the different ways in which men act so you are left feeling empowered and inspired within your relationships with men.
  •  The four stages of masculine development and how to make the most of each stage within your relationships with men (this applies to all types of relationships, friendships, work, family).
  •  The important foundations of integrating your own Sacred Masculine energy by exploring and integrating topics of: Boundaries, Structure, Forward Action, Foundational Alignment With Your Truth.
  •  Healing the underlying Mother-wounds camping out in our relational blindspot that manifest in: weak boundaries or the inability to say no, constant fear of judgement, paralyzed by comparisons, sacrificing your wants or dreams or desires for others, difficulty owning needs and expressing emotions, co-dependency, seeking approval and validation, low self-worth, negative self-talk/brutal inner critic, self-sabotage, discomfort in social situations
  •  Getting in tune with your natural rhythms and cycles as a woman. How to make the most of your ever changing system, overcoming any stigma or shame you may still hold in your body, heart and mind from past experiences related to your cycle. 
  •  Understanding the unique elements that make women extraordinary and how to cultivate those elements more frequently in your day to day expression. Including creating a strong, clear and reliable relationship with your intuition and internal wisdom. 
  •  The art of receptivity. All abundance, connection and success in partnership requires us to be receptive, however many women are out of sync with this element of the feminine and to have relationships work our relationship to receptivity must be healthy and active.
  •  The four stages of feminine development and how to embrace the natural essence of each stage and bring out the best sides of your feminine energy regardless of what stage of life you are in.
  • Relationship agreements and designing your relationship right the first time. Understanding the mechanics of relationships, commitments and agreements that set the great relationships apart from all the rest. Learn how to create and maintain these agreements as primary foundation of a healthy partnership.
  •  The distinctions between ego-ic relationships and aligned partnership and how to shift or set yourself up for aligned partnership. 
  •  Couple skills that enable you to both approach any circumstance as united front for the greater good of your relationship. This includes communication tools, practices for increased intimacy, sexual fulfillment, spiritual fulfillment, happiness and connectivity. 
  •  Uncovering the divine and spiritual purpose to your partnership. The importance of accepting change as a normal and unavoidable aspect of life and relationships and how to effectively support one another in being your best selves as you grow, shift and change. 
If any of these items on this list describes you or your love life, you're likely in the right place:
You keep attracting the same kind of relationship/person even though you have done some solid work on yourself.

• You have a tendency to be or are a recovering high functioning co-dependent. This being someone who can easily fuse in relationships or lose themselves quickly in love.

Another identifying factor is being functional in all other areas of life but when it comes to love, things go a bit haywire and you don't recognize the person you become.

There is shame, guilt, embarrassment, feeling like a fraud and self-criticism connected to these high functioning co-dependent patterns that you tend to keep hidden, while doing your best to appear like you know what you're doing so you don't get "found out."

You tend to over-function, over-give, over-analyze, or have been accused of "mothering" in relationships.

• You're attracted to people who either illustrate disinterest or low grade/minimal investment and are ready to change this pattern, heal the underlying wounding and pain patterns and open to healthy love and attraction.

• You routinely say yes when you mean no and have trouble communicating your needs and boundaries (or even identifying them all together). 

• You really want an emotionally available partner who is ready for a committed relationship but keep attracting the opposite. 

• You've experienced a traumatic relationship, or a traumatic ending of a relationship, both of which contribute to feelings of apprehension when it comes to letting love in again.

• You've got an adversarial relationship with conflict- either you pick unnecessary fights and thrive on drama or you're conflict avoidant and refuse to deal with it, either way you don't know how to fight fair, haven't been taught how to repair, apologize and use conflict to build deeper intimacy. 

• You've had a habit of putting others needs ahead of your own and feel completely burnt out, overwhelmed and disconnected.

 • While you put on a solid front deep down you sometimes feel like a fraud, not enough, too much or like your self-worth is in the toilet.
I am a big supporter of people having the love they want in the container of healthy partnership. But for so many, the HOW of generating a healthy partnership remains elusive. We can’t seem to figure it out no matter how many times we try. 

It can feel exhausting and disheartening to invest your heart into a relationship that ends up going nowhere. Or to put yourself out there again and again only to attract the same type of person who is in some way shape or form unavailable or misaligned. 

I advocate for partnership. I’m not interested in helping you hone your lady game and keep doing the same shit that doesn’t work, that doesn’t honour your feminine brilliance and certainly doesn’t get you the love, adoration and full hearted emotionally invested partner your heart craves deep down. 

Ready to build an exceptional relationship with yourself, your purpose and the love you're meant to have?
Games, Tactics and Strategies Are Designed to Keep You Attracting The Wrong People
if you want a partnership with a full-hearted, available and incredible partner then you've come to the right place. There's no time for games when you're connected to your worth, living on purpose and clear on what your heart needs to thrive.

I advocate for partnership. I’m not interested in helping you hone your lady game so you can keep doing the same shit that doesn’t work, relating in ways that don’t honor your feminine brilliance and getting caught up in situations where you don't get the love, adoration and full hearted emotionally invested partner your heart craves deep down. 

We play games when we don’t have the relationship skills partnership requires. 
We play games when we're driven by our fears of being alone, being too much or never being enough. 
We play games when deep down we believe we can't have what we want. 

When we're loving from an empty cup and low self-worth we're OBSESSED with figuring out all the tactics to make ourselves MORE ATTRACTIVE without ever giving any attention or intention into what we’re ATTRACTED TO. 


Without understanding why you’re attracted to the person who can’t show up for you, or the person that is emotionally stunted, or the person who is all talk but no action, or the person who seems good on paper but down the line doesn’t quite cut it, or why you’re attracted to and stick around in relationships where your needs are benched and not accounted for- you'll keep playing out these relational dynamics with new people over and over.

Instead of trying to become more attractive, you need to understand what's controlling the core of your attraction. When you understand the unconscious love blueprint that is actually running and sabotaging your love life, then you actually have the space to do love and relationships differently. 

Lady game teaches you tactics. Tactics ensure you step over what’s true for you so you become more appealing and choosable. But tactics also ensure that there is no discrepancy or filter meaning the people who can't actually relate properly choose you and take you away from the people who can meet your needs and want to love you full heartedly. When there is no filter dating becomes a drag, relationships become toxic and your self-worth takes a beating. 

Tactics work to pull people in. Tactics fail at testing for alignment, tactics fail at setting you up to build and sustain something substantial with someone. 

If you start a relationship from a place of tactics and game playing, it sets the tone for how that relationship unfolds. If you can’t be your truest self and that isn’t attractive AF to someone THEY AREN’T YOUR PERSON. 

But trying telling that to the unconscious love blueprint. 
You want to change how relationships go for you, you have to change how you’re approaching them. You have to change how your relating inside of them. 

• Partnership requires you to know yourself intimately. 
• Partnership requires you to know your needs. 
• Partnership requires you to know how to communicate your needs respectfully and in a way the other person can hear you. 
• Partnership requires you to have the self-worth to respect and respond to their needs. 
• Partnership requires you to become a life-long student of your human. 
• Partnership requires you to know your wounds and tender spaces and be aware enough to hold space for these tender areas of you partner without using them against one another. 
• Partnership requires you to know how to self-soothe.
• Partnership requires you to know how to co-regulate (aka emotionally soothe eachother). 
• Partnership requires intentionality and vision. 
• Partnership requires all of you to be seen, witness and held fully. 
• Partnership requires you to trust yourself. 
• Partnership requires you to honour and respect your boundaries. 

So, if you want strategies to get him to commit, or text back or any of that kinda lady game I'm not your gal. I have no interest in helping you pick up, attract or manipulate the wrong people into your life. 

But if you're genuinely in the camp of true love, desire a healthy, happy and on purpose PARTNERSHIP with someone who is fully available, respects, adores and cherishes your heart, your vision and your purpose and WHO you are attracted to for all the right reasons (and yes this means you'll also find them attractive), well, then I can absolutely set you up to win that kind of game. 

Here's how it works...
Because of the intimate nature of this work and my personal desire to do deep and transformative work, I limit class size to 6 women MAX. I choose participants based on their history, their desired outcome, personality and most importantly their energy. This is a safe and sacred container and I am fiercely protective and committed to the integrity of the space, meaning the women who are selected share a common commitment to sisterhood, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, respect, commitment and follow through.

This is a judgement free zone, which means all of you is welcome here. I ensure those welcomed into the program are equipped to hold loving space, embody a belief system of inclusion, emotional safety and the open heart to protect the confidentiality of each woman in the class and HONOUR her story with the dignity it deserves.

This sisterhood is open to all walks of life, all relational and sexual preferences and holds the sacred space for the personal experiences wrapped and warped by shame and stuck in the shadow, to lovingly come forward and be witnessed with open hearted compassion. This basically means there's nothing you could bring to me that I am not equipped to handle, nor does the thing you think makes you unloveable have to stay hidden, or the things you're most ashamed about need to continue to weigh you down. I have held space for it all.

Acceptance of your shadow material is one of my strong suits and there is nothing you could bring to this class that the other women would not be able to powerfully hold space for- this is why I am so particular and selective about class size and personally interviewing everyone before acceptance into the program.

You and your story are so safe. 

The Process of Acceptance Into The Program:

Step 1: You read and assess your compatibility with the program (you see yourself in the outlined qualities, the call time works for your schedule and the cost of the program is within your budget).

Step 2: You submit a written application + book your application call.

Step 3: We complete your intake call to review and discuss your application.

Step 4: Up to 6 successful applicants will be accepted into the program each class round. If you are selected, following your interview you will be given the access to register.

If you are selecting a later class date (more than 3 months until start, you have the choice to begin your registration payments now or place a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot and begin your payments closer to your class start date).
I met Kelsey a few years ago through a friend and from the moment I met her, I knew I wanted to be around her and in her beautiful energy more.

After a painful break-up a couple of years ago I had a coaching session with Kelsey and it was amazing. To this day her words are still in my heart.

Fast forward to last year when I quit my job. She was offering a new yearly coaching program that she had built. I wanted to attend earlier in the year but it didn't work out. After leaving my job her next session was starting literally a few weeks after. I took this as a sign to give myself the gift of self love. To devote some sacred time to build the foundation I wanted to build from within me to attract what I truly want in all areas of my life.

Fast forward to today and it's almost been a year (holy shit!!!) and her program has been a game changer for me! Every week I'm on calls with a small group of fabulous women from all over the world! It's intimate and we all get an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

The breakthroughs have been amazing amongst our group! There is lots of self development work and a special bond as we support one another through this beautiful work for not just ourselves, but for all relationships around us. I'm not currently in a relationship but have had some pretty huge things shake out and I've had some pretty big breakthrough things happen behind the scenes with men.

I highly recommend with all my heart this program for anyone that wants to dive in and give themselves the gift of connecting with their own heart and the heart of others, whether it be partners, friends or family.

I can't say enough about this beautiful soul. She truly is a high vibe'n, radical self love'n woman!"
Jen Ammer - Life Coach
Kelsey Grant’s brilliantly designed “Year of Love” program teaches you the essential life tools for women that were sadly never taught in school.

She created a 4-prong approach for women to learn how to: 1) love themselves 2) understand men and how they operate 3) access the magic that is available to us as women 4) cultivate a fulfilling partnership 
What I wrote above barely scratches the surface of what you can learn from this year-long course. As a 28-year old woman learning all I did, I wish I knew this vital information ten years ago. But there is no time like the present to utilize all that I have learned and I can thank Kelsey for the rest of my life because she helped me change the course of it.   

Specifically, before I began the "Year of Love," I was running unconsciously off my old programming about men with heavy hitters like: “men always leave” and “men can’t commit to relationships." I found myself in so many unsatisfying relationships and even worse, I was villianizing men.

Through this course and the access to all of Kelsey’s knowledge, I was able to shift my negative programming about men. Today, I am currently creating a conscious partnership with a beautiful man (inside and out ;) ) and I see the men around me with the utmost respect (so much more love to my dad and my little bro).

 If you put the work in and stay committed, I know any woman can get incredible results from the “Year of Love” course.
Alisa Scannell- Co-owner Heartcore
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • A secure, small and emotionally safe container of sisterhood to:
  • ​Provide a weekly self-love and self-worth framework to assist you in working through the emotional debris that's clogging up the intuition.
  • ​Transform current self-worth identities to be more in line with the truth of who you actually are, to help you welcome in great love without sabotaging it. 
  • ​To transform the self-worth requires meeting tender parts of ourselves we've often locked away or disowned, we navigate these spaces gently and respectfully so they can be re-understood and the parts of us we lost when our self-worth was compromised can be called back. This is a longer process and these pieces can't be forced to the surface- which is why we create the safe emotional environment for them to rise at a pace you can digest and move forward empowered and with a full tank of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.
  • ​Reboot the discernment radar (so you can spot and confidently welcome in the high quality humans that align with your relationship vision).
  • ​Heal and transform the early love blueprint and replace it with a roadmap for love that actually ensures your needs are met by someone who has also done their inner work.
  • ​Spiffing up the boundaries.
  • ​Enhance the ability to identify your core relational needs in a way that allows others space to be receptive, responsive and clear on how to meet them.
  • ​Living from aligned values.
  • ​Communication skills to navigate the tough stuff and vulnerable conversations around non-negotiables, conflict and tending to past emotional raw spots when they get triggered in partnership.
  • ​Building up of the very real skill of learning how to let go of the past (or anyone blocking your brilliance or any beliefs messing with your flow) with grace, respect and love.
  • ​What it looks like and more importantly FEELS like to live on purpose, in your greatest alignment with an abundance of love, vitality and radiance in your back pocket.
  • ​Integration of family system blockages that interfere with partner selection and maintenance of healthy love.
  • ​Understand (and experience each week) what emotional safety feels like, looks like and sounds like so you're able to powerfully re-create it in a partnership and use this internal feeling as a marker of alignment with the relationships that matter most to you.
  • ​Taming and retraining the inner critic so you're free'd up to pursue your passions with full abandon and step into relationship with confidence and clarity.
  • ​Relational skills to navigate conflict cleanly, tools to disarm, repair and restore connection without self-abandonment.
  • ​Transforming any unconscious mothering, micromanaging, or control tactics that may be showing up in romantic relationships and help you heal those core abandonment wounds, old triggers and learn to relate to your partner in ways that enable you to get the best out of them. 
The fusion of therapeutic modalities, coaching and mentorship come together to help you unblock your heart and stop wasting your time with relationships that don't honor what you're truly, deep down looking for.
Ready to figure out what is getting in the way of calling in a relationship with someone who wants the same things you do? 
By the end of the program my words to Kelsey were “ you and this program are so necessary in this world”. The tools you gain, the acceptance and understanding you feel, the ways you learn to take care of you, the ways you know how to be an amazing partner, the ability to create a life that really, really feels good to you and be completely in love with it and to know that you have the power to bring people in that life that belong there. If you are reading this or you have come across Kelsey on some platform there is a reason and I promise you that if you just trust that, you are gifting yourself a whole new meaning to your life. If you don't even know the reason, allow that to be the reason - its necessary. 

As a result of the curriculum, the group and the year long investment who I have become/ the biggest change I have seen in myself is how safe I feel. I could not imagine feeling how I felt a year ago, its now impossible. I feel so safe to communicate my needs and my boundaries. I feel safe when things go wrong. I feel safe to handle situations I would once run to friends about or lose sleep about. I feel safe when someone walks away from me. I feel safe when I have to hear things that are hard. I feel safe to know that the decisions I make from this point forward are the best for me and I don't think twice about them. I feel safe to have the freedom to live a life that feels good to me and that can change daily. I feel safe knowing that I make my own happiness and that cant come from someone else, ever. I feel safe to be vulnerable with the right people. For this I have become the best version of myself to date and I love waking up every morning and going to bed every night and I love how I spend the time in between and I wouldn't give up this feeling for anything.

What have I attracted into my life or accomplished within the time of this class that I attribute to my healing, learning and growth from this program, well, I started this program from a place of a lot pain. I felt I was literally drowning in this pool full toxic and negative thoughts about what I was doing with my life and believing the toxic things people in my life were saying to me at the time. Thats when I knew something was up when I started believing others. I swear the universe took one look at me when I agreed to take on Kelseys curriculum and said “thank you, lets go”. This pillar that we can call curriculum or ‘our group’ was exactly what I needed to swim out and not only swim out but to stay out of that pool. Its insane what a year can do to you when you know how to use your tools. I am now a Certified Yoga Teacher teaching others weekly my passion. I started my own business that is thriving because of how I show up. I live in a space that is just for me and has become a sanctuary. I have high quality people in my life that I love spending time with. My health and vitality has become a priority in my life. I am attracting like minded people, job opportunities, friends, tribes, mentors, mentees you name it and the past 6 months my life has been on fire. I have let go and no longer feel obligated to engage with those who no longer serve me. I can have difficult conversations and leave feeling supported and loved. I have attracted my truth and I accomplished alignment. There are no two better aspects that I could ask for that I attribute to this past year.
Jennifer Ungaro

I was introduced to Kelsey Grant by a mutual acquaintance, nearly 2 years ago. My journey with Kelsey began in a 3 month program,"Self-Love 101" a course that had a profound effect on me.

I knew her message would be an important part of my life and I followed with another 15 months of curriculum, including the Year of Love course.

Kelsey is a woman with deep insight, wisdom and clarity. Her personal integrity, depth of character, compassion and enthusiasm for spreading Love shines through in her coaching. Through life experience and her personal journey, Kelsey brings such an authentic approach to her work; she embodies love and grace and leads by example.

Her coaching and teachings have enriched my life and refined my relationship skills, and most importantly, helped me to get reacquainted with my true self. I am now ready to shine fearlessly and fulfill on my purpose every day!

Jill Pollard

I decided to commit to a Year of Love with the intention of figuring out what my purpose in life was, to improve my relationship to self and others and to live a live truly in alignment.

Today, a year later I find myself not only clearer on my purpose, but with the ease and confidence of being able to revisit and reshape it as I evolve along with my values.
Throughout the year, I acquired a set of skills and tools that allow me to ground myself, self soothe, understand, celebrate and help me take more aligned and constructive action when I need to. I am able to listen, see and accept myself as a whole more easily and honour what I know and feel is best for my growth, peace and happiness. 
I now show up in the world in a more light and authentic way.

My communication skills have increased indescribable amounts and this has allowed me to up the quality of my relationship to self, my family, the men and woman in my life and my business alike. Learning how to actively listen while also knowing how to communicate with each individual is beyond value to my everyday experience. 
I am far more confident about expressing and accepting my needs, asking and ALLOWING them to be met, because I am more tuned in to myself than I ever was before, and whenever I fall off the wagon, I know I can rely on the self love muscles I've develop over the past year trusting that I have internal wisdom ready to guide me back. 

Committing to a Year of Love is also committing to a beautiful community of incredible, powerful, inspiring badass women, all interconnected and willing to grow, we have each other's back and we keep each other accountable, while also celebrating together, holding space for one another and rebuilding the Sacred sisterhood that empower us to grow, heal and transform the world with love and compassion. 

Ivonne Isla Solther

Ready to transform your love story
with Kelsey Grant's Year of Love Mastery?

Registration Options
Apply for your spot today!!

So, what happens after my acceptance into the program?
For All Registered Participants

• The curriculum is divided into four quarters with a week off in between each quarter for integration and to support you in switching gears for the next phase of the curriculum
• Every week of the quarter you will receive your module content, which is to be completed prior to the coaching call
• On the weekly coaching call (conducted on Zoom) each woman will have a spotlight session to be coached directly and to share her learnings from the weekly content.
• Following the group coaching call all participants will receive a love assignment which is a real time, real life, real love application of the work. I am big on integration and all three pieces of the program are intentionally designed to assist you in achieving optimal integration, which means optimal transformation and SUSTAINABLE change. 
• All calls are recorded and each woman in the class is given access to the weekly recording to review and re-listen.

• Each quarter you will receive ONE 1-1 coaching call for us to deep dive into an area of most importance and relevance to you. 

• Three months following the completion of the year long coaching program we have a weekend wrap up retreat in Vancouver BC. Accommodations are provided for all participants attending from out of town. 
Is there a guarantee?
I can guarantee you will achieve your intentioned result AS LONG AS you do your part. This isn't a course where you sit on the sidelines and hope for the best. If you show up each week, do the program as it's designed there is absolutely every certainty in my heart you will achieve every single result your heart desires. 

Because of the small and intimate nature of this program we do not offer money back guarantees or withdrawals. It is incredibly disruptive to the group safety when someone leaves, which is why we ensure you're 100% invested and a full hearted yes BEFORE registration occurs. 

If for whatever reason you choose to not do the program as its designed (ignore the modules, assignments or don't show up to the calls) the access to the calls and the course curriculum are provided and remain accessible. In the event of an extreme unforeseeable circumstance that prevents you from completing the year you may qualify to join a future class to complete the calls. *You would have to wait until a new class begins and your class tuition is still attached to the class you originally applied and was accepted into and is at the discretion of the course facilitator to determine.*

This program requires a solid heart commitment and to ensure impeccable alignment (so you feel safe, secure and lit up by your commitment) we assess all concerns, questions in the application interview prior to registration. This ensures only the women who are ready to do the work and show up fully are members of this class. With this level of safety you and your fellow classmates can relax and trust one another's presence and support for the duration of the class program. 
What’s next?
If you're ready to achieve a new level of purpose and fulfillment in your relationship to you AND learn how to attract, build and sustain the love you desire, the next step is to submit your application and book your application call. 
Year of Love Masterclass FAQ's
Why is this a group program?

The group format is intentional due to the quantum levels of transformation group work makes available. What ends up transpiring is each woman holds a key to unlock aspects breakthrough for every other woman in the group through her shares and experience. Which means instead of one breakthrough per call it's amplified by the number of women in the class (no more than 6). 

Why the modules, coaching calls and assignments? 

Most of us don't know what it FEELS like to be met fully. In this class I provide the knowledge, experience and integration to lock in these experiences so you know what it feels like to belong to a safe, emotionally secure and loving community. This becomes the barometer for the quality of connections each woman invites and maintains in her life going forward. How I speak and relate to each woman in the group provides a real time example of what attunement looks, sounds and feels like. This is CRITICAL for discerning romantic relationship prospects (if single) or transforming a current relationship to become more aligned, attuned and emotionally connected. 

I've always had a bit of an issue with women, I find it easier (and less drama) to be friends with guys. I think being around women like this would be hard for me, what if I'm better friends with men than women can this still work?

Ahh I hear you loud and clear. For much of my life I operated the same way. Women were unsafe, men were easier.  Sisterhood. The quality of connections a woman has with other women sets the tone for the health of her romantic relationships. In this container we heal over a lot of past hurts or wounds so many women have in relation to other women. Experiences of betrayal, not belonging, bullying, isolation, shame or humiliation which unfortunately are a common experience for most girls growing up must be healed and integrated in order to have healthy working love relationships. Without this too much pressure is placed on the primary relationship and it inevitably erodes the connection or maneuvers it into toxic terrain (resentment, anxiety, contempt). 

I feel weird about sharing with strangers, why is it important to share on the calls? 

4. Creating the conditions to feel like you're normal and not alone. By hearing other women's experiences each week (and my direct work with each woman) it anchors in the belief and the knowingness that you're not alone, you're normal and you are part of a group that has your back and truly understands your experiences. 

Why is the program so long? A year seems like such a huge commitment. 

Your love blueprint has been running it's program since you were a child. It is going to take some time to unpack it and reprogram in. By investing the proper amount of tim, we give you adequate space to EFFECTIVELY transform the unconscious love blueprint. Lets be honest, most people are put off when they hear it's a year long program. And that's because our culture has been conditioned to seek out a quick fix. I'm going to be straight up, transforming our love habits isn't a quick change, it takes effort and a willingness to dive deep. Becoming emotionally intimate with your own interior world AND transforming the unconscious love template (which is what is driving pretty much all of the behaviour and results in love) takes time. Most importantly it requires experiencing the new expanded relational habits and re-experience this new reality consistently over a longer period of time for it to sink it. These relational habits have been anchored in since childhood and reinforced through adulthood. So we invest a year of growth in order that you're fully supported to fly and powerfully step forward in every area of life and most importantly is feeling confident in your ability to meet, process and honour the experiences life will bring your way. 

I am dealing with an issue I'm embarrassed about and afraid I'll be judged for. I know this course could help but I'm so afraid of being shamed or sharing in front of others. 

I am an expert at creating environments of safety, inclusion and acceptance. To give you context, the first year I ran this program I was dealing with infidelity in my relationship. There was a woman in one of these groups who was having an affair with a married man. To do my job effectively I had to remain objective and not pull my pain into the group. My ability to remain objective, loving and open not only allowed her the space to truly own her side, express her pain and heal, but it also supported me in breaking through. This is the magic of  this curriculum, of this container. One of my gifts is the capacity for understanding and acceptance. Because I value this, I only accept women into the program who are also equipped at being able to leave their judgement at the door and create a safe environment. When it comes to those "things" we think we'll be rejected for, they ultimately become the doorway to our greatest acceptance, healing and connection- at least with the way I run this class/community. 

I'm not into guys and there is an entire section on men that I don't think is relevant to my dating life, is this program still relevant? 

YES! Of course it is. While the majority of students of this class fall into the category of heterosexual we are an open class. The quarter on men is relevant to any person who has a father, male siblings, or has any interaction with men in their personal friendships, work or extended family. That quarter is also focused on the reclamation of our own unique sacred masculine energies that drive aspects of life such as boundaries, needs and core values. The partnership quarter is not gender specific and can be applied to any relational system. 

What if I can't afford the program? 

When we break down the price point its the equivalent to what most people spend on a couple weekends out a month, a shopping habit or lattes and green juice but instead of an investment with no returns (aka partying or shopping for the initial "hit" but still left with the undercurrents driving the need to shop), we set you up to receive skills, breakthroughs and results beyond what you've invested. If you can't carve that out of your budget you can get started on the self-loving journey with the Self-Love 101 Self Study Program HERE or you can hop on over to The Legendary Love Academy for smaller self-study mini courses HERE or join my email list HERE for updates on future dating and relationship programs plus all exciting news on the podcast, live events, retreats and freebies!

How much time does this program take up? 

The amount of time you'll want to allot to get the most of the curriculum is about 2hrs/week (which includes the 75 minute group coaching call), which you can break up into digestible segments to go through the content at a pace that honours your schedule.

What if I can't make every call? 

I know that women have pretty full schedules and it might not be possible to make every single call, so there are 3 absences per quarter that are allotted to make room for life when it gets lifey ;)
If you have to miss a call you will receive the recording of the session to listen to on your own time.  
Ready to create a relationship with someone who wants the same things you do? Who cares deeply about you’re inner world?
Who wants to see you shine in your brilliance?
Who lifts you up and supports you in becoming the most incredible version of you possible?
Who wants to say and needs no convincing to commit? 
Ready to unlock your greatest potential and be fully met in your fullest expression?

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